Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Women’s Clothes trends

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Women’s clothes have evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry, because of the inherent desire of every woman to look beautiful. Every woman loves to be admired and complemented for her clothes. It has become an important etiquette to dress for the occasion, to look extravagantly fashionable, politely beautiful and discretely stylish .
Dresses come in various fabrics, multitude of designs and forms. The trends come down from Hollywood or Bollywood, or else the cat walks of Paris. Since the demand is very high, the top end of the market is that of designer clothes. Fashion designers use artistry and wisdom to design intricately beautiful clothes, using suitable fabrics, cuts and embroidery. These are bound to be expensive for obvious reasons.
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These are copied and mass produced in Asia for exports to EU and America. Clothes, which are mass produced in Asia are cheaper.

The copies of the trendy outfits are a great hit among teenagers, as they are value for money. Women’s clothing are classified into the following classes- casual, formal, party, maternity and so on.
Maternity clothes for women are specially designed outfits to ensure that they provide adequate comfort without compromising its capability to add to beauty and look fashionable. Attention is given to fabric, designs, cuts to make them appear smart.
Another important aspect is durability, which cannot be compromised. Care should be taken to ensure that exclusive designer clothes are not without the element of durability, quality and texture.

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