Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Five Tips to Buy the Right Lehanga Choli

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Lehanga is the most popular bridal dress in a Pakistani wedding because it makes the bride sparkle and gorgeous, offering elegance on her big day. Lehanga are also worn for special occasions like parties and there is a lot of scope to make lehanga more and more attractive.

Lehanga consists of a long skirt and a choli which is a tight fitting blouse with short sleeves and can be embroidered with zari, exclusive kundan stones etc. Though lehanga choli has its own charm, different people have different body structure and it is better to choose the right type of lehanga to best suit the individual. Here are the tips.

- Basically, while choosing the lehanga, the body shape, complexion and the height have to be taken into consideration. A person having a slim and good figure will be suitable on any kind of choli like backless, single shoulder and off shoulder or deep neck.

- If the woman has a little heavier bust size, the embroidery has to be less prominent.

- If the person has a broad body type, lehanga made of materials like crepe or georgette, would help to give them a comparatively slimmer look.

- Dark complexioned women can go in for darker shades of lehanga.

- In addition, the occasion for which the lehanga is worn is also crucial. Obviously, if the bride is the person wearing the lehanga, it has to be heavily embroidered, made of a very rich fabric with embellishments. But for bridesmaid and other relatives, a lesser version of lehanga choli would suffice.

Lehanga are there to suit all types of people, it is left to the user to buy the right type.

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