Thursday, December 29, 2011

Amy Winehouse Dress Fetches $67,000 at Auction

Photo Courtesy of Island RecordsThe Grammy winner?s red and white dress that she wore on the cover of her Back to Black album just sold for £43,200, or about $67,500, at a London auction, according to CBS News. The Fundacion Museo de la Moda in Chile purchased the dress that was designed by Thailand-based designer Disaya in 2006.

The proceeds from the sale were donated to the Amy Winehouse Foundation that was established by the family to help young people. Amy?s father was at the auction and expressed his excitement for the organization, telling CBS News that his family is "just over the moon and this is a wonderful start to the foundation." If there is one thing that Amy Winehouse will always be known for it?s her style. After all, she had a very distinctive look: beehive hair, cat eye makeup, and retro clothing to match.

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