Thursday, December 29, 2011

Winter Coats | Bundle Up with These Classic Looks

Photo Courtesy of ShutterstockAs an uncharacteristically early snowstorm swept across the States over the weekend, many of us dug into the closet for a coat and found that the time to update the wardrobe for winter is now. Clearly, if you live in a place like New York City, you need a heavy coat, but even places like Los Angeles get chilly enough for some fashionable outerwear during the winter months. Since nothing says ?I work in a meat freezer? like that nylon parka you refuse to donate to Goodwill, we put together this list of different weights of stylish coats that you will come back to for seasons to come.

theory Wool Pea Coat

The peacoat is a traditional go-to for cold weather for two reasons. They?re usually made of wool, which means that coupled with their long length and snug fit, they can be plenty warm without being bulky. Secondly, the timeless favorite is offered in a panoply of styles. Designers this season have leaned toward the double-breasted look, and away from the military-inspired styles from last season. The clean lines of this coat from theory hints that it will remain fashionable next year when you reach for it, and the charcoal color is a perfect way to segue from your fall browns to your winter blacks.

Andrew Marc Leather Jacket

Every man with any confidence at all should own a leather jacket. Leather can be worn in the rain and snow without the worries of wool, and this American classic never goes out of style. Go old school biker style with one in black, or grab a shade of brown for a contemporary look. Just make sure you don?t fall for a subpar materials, because a cheap leather will not handle rain or daily wear, while the good stuff only gets better with each scuff and season that goes by. The Andrew Marc Leather Jacket has bomber-style front chest pockets and minimalist cuffs, which is good because many times an elastic cuff won?t last as long as the leather.

Joe's Jeans Shearling Denim Jacket

For less inclimate regions, one of the best ways to look good without being overdressed is a denim jacket. Hints of shearling have been huge on this season?s runways, and it just seems to pair so well with denim that we couldn?t resist mentioning one here. Joe?s Jeans puts their premium denim to work on this jacket, which features many of the details they add to their bottoms. A dark blue wash with light fading and subtle abrasions works well with the antique hardware, and a heavy denim is used for durability.

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